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About Us

Our history

Founded in 2000, Areias delivers complete end-to-end design/engineering, manufacturing and prototyping solutions to technology companies around the world. We have leveraged over 40 years of collective expertise to provide high-quality services and living high-quality lives.

Since our inception, we have exceeded the electronics manufacturing services industry growth average. We credit this consistent growth, even going through the Silicon Valley’s lean years, to our strong customer relationships and the strong partnerships that we have established with them. Our successes are wholly dependent on our customer’s successes, and we have been honored to play our part.

We are passionate about providing the highest-quality products and services possible.

Value to the Customer

Areias takes pride in adapting to the goals and processes of each and every customer to ensure that each project is customized to meet your needs. We view each customer engagement as a partnership, and take the time to understand both your short and long-term requirements for success.

We offer the ultimate in flexibility and scalability, working with you to find the perfect solution through innovation. Our goal is to offer strong, ongoing customer and engineering support, striking a balance between high-quality manufacturing, highly-available customer response and competitive cost.

We know that we cannot succeed as a company unless you do – and we dedicate our 40+ years of expertise to ensure success to our customers and ourselves.