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We know that a majority of your product’s price and market performance is determined by the design and engineering phase. With over 40 years of collective engineering expertise, our team can rapidly identify and meet your requirements.

Understanding of our customers’ product design goals and philosophies enables effective and efficient communication. By communicating clearly throughout all stages of the project, we enable a truly collaborative design environment.

From the outset of any project, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure that your ideas are reflected perfectly in our designs. This cuts down on costly and time-consuming revision cycles.

We employ full time engineers including our CEO and President. Their back ground and experience includes Mechanical, Electrical, Software, etc.

Engineering Services

Areias works with customers on a full range of engineering services:

  • 3D Design with Solidworks
  • 2D Design with AutoCad
  • Circuit design with OrCad
  • Electrical interconnect with either OrCad or AutoCad
  • Programming with C++ or PLC logic
  • 3D Design with Creo Parametric