Areias engineering provides the service of managing parts and labor to build custom assemblies.

Areias has the experience to build electro‐mechanical assemblies and control panels that meet required standards.

Contract Assembly Services

ISO9001:2015 certified ...

... Electrical Standards

Areias has experience with following ISO9001 processes and can meet customers’ requirements with traceability.

Our staff is familiar with production management from order to after shipment support.

Areias has experience with documentation and the ability to properly release and control customers’ documents.

Our New Product Introduction team is familiar with controlling documentation via Engineering Change Orders (ECO’s) so it can be retrieved and properly followed.

... Documentation Control

Supplier Management ...

... Mechanical Layout

Areias has experience with supply management and the ability to determine the most beneficial for the situation.

Our Materials team will search for suppliers with availability and costing to support our customer’s needs.

Areias has experience with controlling inventory and the importance of correct information.

Our Materials team is familiar with the need for proper identification of components to increase productivity and turn‐around.

... Inventory Control

Training Records ...

... Bill of Materials

Areias has experience with training for the proper assembly of power and controls panels.

Our Production team will account for team member’s training when assigning tasks to increase quality and productivity.

Areias has experience with controlling production orders and the importance of correct practices.

Our Production team is familiar with following documentation along with standards to meet customer’s requirements.

... Production Control

Quality Control ...

... Assembly Build

Areias has experience with performing in‐process and final quality inspections and the importance of a correct product.

Our Quality Control team is familiar with verifying to documentation along with standards to verify the assemblies meet requirements.