Areias engineering is specialized in providing top-notch materials management services for clients. The fully implemented materials requirement planning system and the established supply chains ensure that clients always have the necessary materials on hand to keep their projects running smoothly and on schedule.

Areias believes in the power of collaboration which is why Areias considers the suppliers an integral part of the team.

Material Management Services

Implemented Materials Planning System ...

... Electrical Standards

A fully implemented materials requirement planning system is essential for ensuring necessary materials are available when needed. At Areias, the system is designed to keep track of the needed materials for a project and predict future requirements, allowing Areias to order materials before they run out.

Close collaboration with suppliers, gives Areias the advantage of ensuring that delivery schedules and availabilities are met. Areias works closely with suppliers to ensure they understand the necessary needs and provide materials on time. This strong partnership allows Areias to keep projects running smoothly.

... Close collaboration with suppliers

On-time delivery schedules ...

... Mechanical Layout

On-time delivery schedules are critical for the success of projects. Areias understands this and work closely with suppliers to ensure that materials are delivered on time. This helps to keep projects on schedule and prevents delays that can cause costly disruptions.

Areias’s team of engineers is equipped to handle last-minute material requests and can quickly and efficiently source and deliver materials as needed.

... On-demand material procurement

Inventory management ...

... Bill of Materials

Inventory management is crucial for ensuring that materials are readily available and that there is no waste due to overstocking or stock outs. Areias inventory management system is designed to keep track of all materials. This process ensures to bring the right amount of materials at all times.

Areias has experience with controlling production orders and the importance of correct practices.

Our Production team is familiar with following documentation along with standards to meet customer’s requirements.

... Production Control

Quality Control ...

... Assembly Build

Areias has experience with performing in‐process and final quality inspections and the importance of a correct product.

Our Quality Control team is familiar with verifying to documentation along with standards to verify the assemblies meet requirements.