Areias engineering is committed to deliver high-quality products that meet the required standards and specifications. The quality control process is designed to ensure that products are thoroughly inspected, tested, and calibrated to meet our high-quality standards.

Areias ensures that the assemblies are of the highest quality and meet the customers’ expectations.

Quality Control Services

1. Incoming Material Inspection ...

... Electrical Standards

Before materials are used in the assembly process, Areias thoroughly inspects all incoming materials to ensure they meet the quality standards and specifications. This process includes checking for defects, verifying the correct materials were received, and ensuring proper labeling and packaging.

During the assembly process, Areias conducts regular inspections to ensure that the components are being assembled correctly and that the overall assembly meets the standards. This process includes checking for proper alignment, correct installation of components, and ensuring that the connections are secure.

... 2. In-Process Inspection

3. Final Assembly Inspection ...

... Mechanical Layout

Once the assembly is complete, Areias performs a final inspection to ensure that components are working correctly and that the overall assembly meets our standards. This process includes testing electrical connections, ensuring proper operation of mechanical components, and performing necessary calibration or adjustments.

Throughout the assembly process, Areias maintains detailed documentation of inspections and tests performance, including the results and necessary corrective actions. This documentation will be used to track the progress of the assembly and ensure that the quality standards are being met.

... 4. Document Control

5. Reporting and Feedback ...

... Bill of Materials

After the final inspection, Areias provides detailed reports on the assembly, including the issues or concerns that were identified during the inspection process. Areias also uses this feedback to continuously improve the quality control process and ensure that the assemblies meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Areias has experience with controlling production orders and the importance of correct practices.

Our Production team is familiar with following documentation along with standards to meet customer’s requirements.

... Production Control

Quality Control ...

... Assembly Build

Areias has experience with performing in‐process and final quality inspections and the importance of a correct product.

Our Quality Control team is familiar with verifying to documentation along with standards to verify the assemblies meet requirements.